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Review~My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century~by Rachel Harris

My Super Sweet Sixteenth CenturyMy Super Sweet Sixteenth Century by Rachel Harris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Stars to infinity! How on earth would you rate such a whimsical and amazing work of complete art such as this? Rachel Harris created a character that, in my mind, will become a literary classic. I've always been in love with time travel historical fiction novels and this addition to the genre is a welcome one.

Cat is by no means a typical teenage girl. Most girls spend their evenings with friends, hanging out, getting in trouble, and going on dates. Not so much, for Cat. She is the daughter of a scandalous actress who deserted her and Cat's father when Cat was young. Her scandals are constantly being thrown into Cat's face on the covers of tabloids all over the world. As if that isn't enough for any teenage girl to handle, Cat's father is a well known film director. Although he strives for Cat to live a normal life as much as possible, it simply isn't easy when the paparazzi are always following you, just knowing you will mess up just like your mom.

To make matters worse is Cat's over the top, future stepmother. Miss I-Can't-Wait-To-Use-My Fiance-To-Better-My-Own-Career Jenna. Cat wants to stay out of the media yet party planner Jenna wants to throw her an extravagant sweet sixteen bash. Sounds innocent right? Not! If done correctly, this extravaganza will be broadcast on Mtv and will be the ticket to Jenna's success. Selfish much?

It's no wonder Cat's Dad has agreed to take her on a trip to Italy. He's totally trying to butter her up. Cat has always been in love with Italy and their art. She aspires to be an artist one day, herself. In her spare time, she studies everything she can about Renaissance Artists.

Knowing she will eventually have to give an answer about this dreaded birthday bash, she decides she needs a bit of time for herself in Italy. After assuring her dad she would return for dinner with him and Jenna, he reluctantly agrees. While exploring, Cat stumbles upon a gypsy tent. Very curious and with time to spare, she enters. After what seems to be some normal gypsy mumbo jumbo, Cat feels something unusual happening around her and soon realizes she has been transported back to Renaissance Italy.

Cat finds herself thrown into a conundrum of events. She must pretend to be someone she is not. Perhaps, however, this new person is who she needed to be all along. Is this where she was meant to be, with the chance of love or must she find a way back to her father and her own time?

Thank you, Rachel, for creating a masterpiece I am sure I will reread many times. I'm already looking forward to sharing it with my daughter. Looking forward to the next installment in this captivating series. You rock, girl! Congrats on your debut. You can only go up from here!

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