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Book Tour~Greta & The Goblin King~Chloe Jacobs

Eeks! I've been waiting for this book tour for what seems ages. I am so happy to be a part of Chloe Jacob's book tour for Book One of the Mylena Chronicles, Greta and the Goblin King. Just look at the cover!

Greta and the Goblin King (Mylena Chronicles, #1)

Doesn't it make you want to sit down and gobble it up in one bite? Yum! I am not posting a full review here, but let's just say that I am not through with this book yet, and I am already wanting more. As I get closer to the end, I find myself saying, "No! It can't almost be over. There are too many other things that need to happen!" This, of course, is exactly why this is Book One in a series. An excellent writer leaves her readers begging for more, and this will be no exception.

While trying to save her brother from the witch three years ago, Greta was thrown into the fire herself, falling through a portal to a dangerous world where humans are the enemy, and every ogre, goblin, and ghoul has a dark side that comes out with the full moon. To survive, 17-year-old Greta has hidden her humanity and taken the job of bounty hunter—and she’s good at what she does. So good, she’s caught the attention of Mylena’s young Goblin King, the darkly enticing Isaac, who invades her dreams and undermines her determination to escape. But Greta’s not the only one looking to get out of Mylena. The full moon is mere days away, and an ancient evil being knows she’s the key to opening the portal. If Greta fails, she and the boys she finds stranded in the woods will die. If she succeeds, no world will be safe from what follows her back . . .

Release date: November 2012
Publisher: Entangled Publishing


You happened. The night we met, I entered your dreams and
discovered your secret.”

Surprised he’d actually told her the truth, she glared at him.
“Just how many times did you spy on me without my knowledge?”

“It didn’t take more than once to suspect the truth, and not
more than twice to be absolutely certain. Although, there were
more times…they were just for fun.” He grinned as she blushed,
as if he knew she was remembering the way she’d flirted with him.
“Your dreams are like none I’ve ever visited.”

“Should I feel flattered?”

“Perhaps. They are certainly unique. You don’t always dream
about this world,” he lifted an arm to encompass the classroom,
“but your identity is in every move you make. Now that I know
who you are, I don’t know how anyone could miss it.”

She pushed a hand through her loose hair. “Because I obviously
can’t seem to remember to do up my braids in my dreams?”

“It’s more than that.” He raised his hand to her face. She
thought he would push her hair behind her ears again to check,
but he only drew a smooth line high on her cheek with his thumb.

“The truth is right here,” he murmured. Before she could
react, he leaned forward and pressed a kiss to each of her eyelids.

She gasped, but he wasn’t finished. His hand moved lower
and flattened on her chest, right over her heart. “And here,” he

Author Spotlight:

Chloe Jacobs
Chloe Jacobs is a native of nowhere and everywhere, having jumped around to practically every Province of Canada before finally settling in Ontario where she has now been living for a respectable number of years. Her husband and son are the two best people in the entire world, but they also make her wish she'd at least gotten a female cat. No such luck. And although the day job keeps her busy, she carves out as much time as possible to write. Bringing new characters to life and finding out what makes them tick and how badly she can make them suffer is one of her greatest pleasures, almost better than chocolate and fuzzy pink bunny slippers.

Where to find Chloe?

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Thank you Chloe Jacobs, Shane at Itching for Books, Entangled Publishing and Heather Riccio (@HeatherRiccio) for this opportunity to promote Greta!

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