Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Waterfall~by Lisa T Bergren

Waterfall (River of Time #1)Waterfall by Lisa Tawn Bergren
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I downloaded this when it was offered free by amazon on my Kindle. I'll be honest, the cover grabbed me and I thought I'd read it eventually no matter the subject matter. I read the description and immediately added it to the top of my list. Then, I stumbled upon Waterfall Wednesdays, a read along. Oh my! What a great way to read and share with other Tribe fans! I soon realized that this would be one of those series I would fall in love with.

Waterfall is a story of two young girls, who are constantly dragged along to archaeological dig sites with their parents. Although Gabi and Lia find the teachings and history of historic Italy to be a bore at the time, it soon becomes absolutely relevant to them. After the tragic death of their father, their mother believes she has found an Etruscan site that she and her husband have always searched for. Knowing full well she should not, Gabi persuades Lia to enter the tomb her mom has found. Seeing two odd handprints on the wall of the tomb, the girls feel compelled to touch them. That's when everything changes, even the time. Medieval Italy, here they come. And they can only survive by trusting each other and by faith.

To say this book was amazing is an understatement. I cannot put into words how this book made me feel. It is refreshing to read a story that compels me to share it with my children. When I fist downloaded Waterfall, little did I know I would be buying the next two in the series within the following two months. Almost a year after I found Waterfall, I am using it as a homeschooling family reading novel with my two kids, who love it. This series is a wonderful young adult medieval time travel series.

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