Monday, July 8, 2013

5 Star Taste the Heat Review

Perhaps a High School crush is just a glimpse into the future.

 We’ve all had them. That hot boy that makes  your stomach turn somersaults just by making eye contact. The disheveled haired boy that accidentally touches you in the hallway. Or the older boy, who is a Senior in High School while you’re still just an 8th grader. You know the one. He drives a Black Mustang, is super sweet to you and your friends, and even hangs out with you when you are asked to play with the High School band ensemble at contests. Yes, that one was mine.

As an 8th grader, I didn’t actually realize I had a crush on this particular person. I was young and loved the attention and became great friends with him. My freshman year in High School, Mr Already Graduated boy started hanging out with me and my family. He also helped chaperone my first few dates with some of those other hair flinging, muscled body, closer to my age crushes. Until one day in my second semester as a Junior.  Through boyfriend’s and other emotional times, this boy had always been there. Out of nowhere, one day I became jealous of him trying to secure a date with another lady in town. I mean, he was mine. He had to be there with me all the time. On my dates! Why would he dare try to send someone he didn’t know except from seeing her in a business, roses and then ask her for a date? Why? This just wasn’t right. Then BAM!! It hit me. He had been my crush all along. If a guy wanted to take me out and they didn’t want Stephen along, well, so long buddy. You aren’t the one for me. It all suddenly became clear. One of the guys I dated my freshman year was a mutual friend of Stephen’s. When we broke up he said it was because one day I’d discover who I really loved. I was so confused. But on this day, all of this was suddenly explained. He was the ONE! He always had been. So now what? Well, let’s just say it took time, but after 5 years of dating once we both had the courage to admit our true desires, 13 years of marriage, and 2 children later, we are still giddy around each other as we were on our first official date. I love that man!

5 Stars!

Because of my High School crush story, I was thrilled to get an ARC of Taste the Heat, by Rachel Harris. As soon as I read the blurb about Jason being Colby’s High School crush, I knew I’d fall in love with the story instantly. I mean, who doesn’t want a happy ending like I have? I believe in non-spoiler reviews so if you’re looking for how things turn out in this book, boogey right along, because this book is too good to give away any secrets.

Colby, scarred by her past, escapes from Louisiana to study and live her dream as a big-time chef. What Miss Now Big City Vegas girl didn’t expect when she agreed to help her brother revamp their family restaurant in LA for the summer, were old High School crush feelings to fire back up. And we’re talking in a spicy vengeance. Her spunky sister says go for it. But Colby knows nothing can happen. She’s only here for the summer.

Jason, Mr Crush Himself and now fire chief of Colby’s hometown, didn’t have any expectations of falling in love again. He was perfectly happy with raising his daughter by himself. After all, he had responsibilities as fire chief and his own gym to handle. He didn’t have time to date. That would take more time away from Emma than she deserved. No, he didn’t have plans to fall, but oh how he did when he saw Colby again. But this was wrong. It couldn’t happen. Not with his best friend’s sister! Cane was Emma’s Godfather for goodness sake. This was all wrong.

Taste the Heat is a story about self-restoration as well as romance. Colby and Jason must both face their past in order to embrace their future. Can they afford a summer together without hope for the future? And what about Emma? She’s so young and impressionable. She would be looking for more for her dad. What happens when the summer is over and her dream of a complete family is shattered with Colby’s desire to return to Vegas? Is it all worth the risk?

Grab you something sweet and spicy and jump into this amazing book! Available Today! 

Congrats to Rachel on an outstanding debut into the Adult Romance world! Your success is imminent!

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  1. I LOVE this story!!! So could be a book, you know that? ;)

    Thanks so much for sharing AND for the beautiful review!

    1. Hmmmm. Not a bad idea ;-) Thanks for reading!